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Our programs promote wildlife conservation, animal education, equine assisted learning and animal assisted interventions.

Sensory Petting Zoo at Mandalay Farms

The Mandalay Farms Zoological Society sponsors Sensory Petting Zoo Programs at Mandalay Farms through our local philanthropic partners.

While our Sensory Petting Zoo program is primarily offered through one of our local philanthropic program partners, we are occasionally able to accommodate individual needs.

Unbridled Power Program

The Mandalay Farms Zoological Society sponsors Unbridled Power, an equine assisted learning program at Mandalay Farms for disadvantaged youth or children in foster care.

Equine assisted learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of essential life skills through groundwork activities using horses as the teacher.

To learn more about this program visit Mandalay Farms.

Work Program

Mandalay Farms Zoological Society provides paid on-the-job training for equine or animal keeper positions to young and men and women who have aged out of the foster care system or who are trying to rebuild their life as single parents. Our goal is to provide them with opportunity to earn an income while pursuing other educational goals or develop the skills and experience to have a career in the equine or zoological industry.

During the first 6 months participants are paid $15 per hour with an opportunity to earn up to $25 per hour the last 6 months of the program. Participants must work a minimum of 12 hours per week to be eligible for participation within the program. Following graduation Mandalay Farms Zoological Society assists graduates in securing permanent job placement.

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